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Also for ARM 32, X86-64, X86.
This app has always worked perfectly for me. I use it for tracking my location while taking pictures with an older camera that doesn't have an internal GPS, and then I'm able to geo tag the pictures later.

Bill Mountney, 29.11.2023
I've always enjoyed GPS systems, to keep track of places I've been. When I found this one, I stopped looking further. I can track where and how long I've been to a place, not to mention the lat/longs of each location. I can pinpoint the precise time I was at a location by simply holding my finger on a line until a marker pops up with time and distance from start. Love it.

Charles Wilcox, 02.12.2023
I accidentally left this running on my old phone. I just realized it saved WEEKS worth of me moving around. And it did NOT eat my battery up. Awesome

Matt Husse, 28.07.2023
I'm an avid hiker and swimmer and I have used this app for years to track for terrestrial and aquatic adventures with amazing success! Geo Tracker is my go to application that often prefer to a dedicated GPS by Garmin or Magellan. Absolutely Top notch piece of kit!

Scott Smith, 13.08.2021
Of all the apps out there, this is the only one reliable enough to have stayed on my phone

John Dousset, 17.12.2022
Yay! I'm a happy camper. So glad I can track my progress and runs

Dianne Blake, 01.05.2020
Great app for tracking road trips on the Harley.

Dave Harrison, 01.06.2023
Great for being able to retrace my movements! Does exactly what I need it to.

Vau Null, 24.05.2023
Brilliant for learning routes ect.

taff cole, 31.05.2023
Records all the relevant detail very clearly. Easy to use.

John Bright, 09.06.2023
I use it for horse trail riding and the satellite maps show me exactly where I can go and where I have been, together with lots of statistics about the ride.

Uschi, 10.01.2023
Records GPS and doesn't kill my battery. Everything I want from the app.

Ked Byrd, 08.07.2023
Great app I've used for years now! Best ive found for GPS tracking. Especially if you want to be able to export the GPS files in various standard formats (kml, kmz, gpx) for use as you wish, import into for example.

A Google user, 07.10.2019
Geo Tracker has become my default tracking app, it has everything I want, extremely well designed, easy to use, ability to look at single routes, or to group some together, clear map listing and statistic details, changing map types is quick and easy, overall an excellent app, made even better by a very responsive developer, who answers quickly to any query.

Colin B, 15.01.2022
Easy to use and easy on the eyes. Minimal power drain.

Dave, 20.11.2021
I think this is one of the best trackers out there. Very light on the battery, accurate, nice statistics.

A Google user, 26.07.2019
An excellent app and one that I use daily in my line of work! Flawless and very user friendly!

Mubarak Atik, 27.06.2023
This app is a brilliant tool for recording and analysing hikes/tramps. It has a clean interface, moves easily between map and statistics, and is a breeze when it comes to adding waypoints. Great speed and height graphs. Further, the app appears to be bug-free and is not overly power-hungry. And did I mention that there are no ads! But do the right thing and make a donation or pay the developer the suggested nominal subscription fee.

Ian Reid, 23.03.2023
Awesome app for tracking my bike and my rc planes. I love how I can set and forget while on a ride, also a great way to get back home!

Willie Ripple, 12.06.2023
I started work as a pumper and was able to map out every tank battery and pump jack on my lease. It made my job a lot easier

Casey Lemond, 03.07.2023
Perfect for what I need it for, just a simple way of tracking while out on unfamiliar lakes, easy to find your way back with this app.

Nev Bones, 24.06.2023
I found this to be a really useful app when wandering the narrow streets of Marrakech Souq and being able to find our way back's like an electronic trail of breadcrumbs

Tim Green, 23.05.2023
Does it very well. Simple layout. Not silly. Quick to use. Update: Still using 7 months later. Good stuff.

S. Winter, 18.07.2023
Brilliant app. Spent a long time looking for a simple no fuss app that can record a gps path then export to file.

Michael Middleton, 08.07.2023
I use this to track my ATV rides and works great. Also good for navigating offroad with a preconfigured map.

Adrian Stezar, 04.05.2023
Quick and easy to map your route: walk, run, bike, ski, etc. Provides useful statistics, and it will run in the background so you can put the phone in your pocket or use another app while it records.

Dennis Boesen, 04.06.2023
This is a fantastic hiking/biking trail recording app. It tracks, speed, distance, height, etc - I've been using it for years and it is amazing. You can use GPS on old phones without a sim card, data or wifi. Works great - download the map ahead of time and you've got a really good gps app for locations!

Liz W, 15.10.2022
I have used this app for several years now. I think it's wonderful!! We like to go horseback riding in new areas, and this is great for learning the trails (and finding the truck).

Angie Bussard, 25.01.2021
I use this app for tracking and sharing trails we use for our fun ride and to host other horse rides.

A Google user, 28.06.2019
This is one of the simplest yet well designed gps tracking and waypoint apps for android. Is intuitive and reliable.

A Google user, 29.07.2019
I've been using it for quite some time to track hikes, runs, and nowadays all of my work delivery routes that I do.

Ashley M. Kirchner, 08.02.2022
I use this for work, doing plant surveys.

A Google user, 06.06.2019
Geo Tracker is the best offline mapping tool. I use it mostly when I have spotty or no signal. It records all the track info plus a ton of neat features like track coloring, charts and data for altitude changes and length. It doesn't drain my battery noticeably and handles loading maps with spotty data, gracefully. Import and export is great for sharing tracks that aren't stuck in a walled garden.

Ann Droid, 27.04.2023
Exactly What I Was Looking For! I needed an app to trace my path while out in my kayak. I go out in the ocean and through tiny openings in mangroves, lagoons, and coves for several hours at a time. I was worried about getting lost. Won't happen with this app. And I can save my trips so I can explore new spots or save good fishing locations.

Andrew G, 12.06.2023
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