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Also for ARM 32, X86-64, X86.
5.3.3, Mar. 2024
  • The upper panel has been optimized. Now, it takes up less space;
  • Added function to empty the trash bin. Now, tracks in the trash bin will be automatically deleted after 30 days;
  • A display of the track recording date has been added to the statistics screen. You can see it under the track name, including in the screenshots;
  • More data was added to the trip list: overall trip count and number of selected and trashed trips;
  • The Azimuth display has been changed. Now it is displayed in degrees 0..360 instead of -180..180;
You can now automate track recording by integrating Geo Tracker with apps like Tasker or Macrodroid. For more details, check our guide.
What else?
Geo Tracker can now calculate ski statistics.
App is now fully compatible with Android 12.
Navigation mode now works better in landscape mode and during app startup.
Instructions for setting up background recording on Xiaomi and Huawei have been updated inside the app, also added links to instructions for Vivo, Nokia, Realme & Blackview.
Performance of statistics and full-screen charts screens were improved.
Battery consumption was reduced while recording in background.
5.1.3, Jan 2022
We now offer Petal Maps from Huawei. Petal Maps do not provide satellite imagery but have detailed map data for many regions, and they are also available to users without Google Play services.
5.3.2, Dec. 2023
Optimization loading trips with lots of markers.
What else?
Thanks to your feedback I improved the statistics calculation algorithms. If you would like to recalculate the statistics for existing tracks, please export them as GPX/KML file and import again.
Added new options for minimal recording distance — 50 cm, 10 cm, 1 cm.
Removed option for showing or hiding tracks on the map from display settings. Many people turned the track off accidentally and it was confusing. Now tracks are always displayed when they are selected in the list.

5.1.0, Oct. 2021
5.1.1, Oct 2021
Navigation mode added. Have your map automatically rotate to match your direction while moving. I've released the Navigation mode that uses the phone's compass. You can enable it in the map settings.
What else?
  • Geolocation Services Check: The app now warns you if geolocation services are turned off on your phone. Before recording starts, the application prompts you to enable geolocation in the system if required. Displays correct status if geolocation is turned off while recording.
  • Battery Optimization Prompt (Samsung Phones): On Samsung phones, the app prompts you to disable battery optimizations right before recording starts (if not disabled already).
  • Refreshed Design: Application elements' design refreshed, including icons, fonts, and colors. Edit dialogs are more convenient and no longer occupy the entire screen.
  • Enhanced Recording Notification: Displays current speed, altitude, coordinates accuracy, and number of visible satellites.
  • Compass Data: For a more performant experience, the app now uses the device's compass to show your current location. For correct measurements, you may need to calibrate the compass (make a "figure eight" in the air with your phone several times). Compass reading can be disabled in the settings.
The maximum amount of cached data for OpenStreetMap and Mapbox's satellite images has been increased from 50 to 256 mb.
What else?
  • Now you can find a point on the map by its coordinates. The function is available in the main menu. Both decimal coordinates and degrees can be used as input. Also, now app can open coordinates from third-party applications (e.g. from Google Photo)
  • You can mark waypoints on your track, where certain photos were taken.
  • Added new measurement units - nautical miles. The option is available in the display settings.
  • Added support for closed paths from KML files (LinearRing). Polygons are imported as closed line paths in the application.
  • Improved algorithms for calculating statistics: maximum speed, elevations, vertical distances, slopes. Many of you sent reports, where maximum speed was higher or lower than expected. Vertical distances were often overestimated, because the application reacted to any minor changes in elevation - now the algorithm takes into account only those segments where the vertical distance begins to change direction. I tried to take into account all of your reports. Thanks to everyone who sent in their tracks and helped with debugging!
  • When copying coordinates, you can now choose the format (decimal or degrees). To do this, you need to long tap the copy button.
  • When saving screenshots, you can take a screenshot of statistics only, without a map. To do this, you need to long tap the save or share screenshot button.
  • Added new options in custom record profile settings for recording rate and minimum distance.
  • Added a setting to completely hide the bottom status bar. This option is available in the display settings.
5.0.4, Sept 2021
5.1.2, Dec. 2021
Instructions for Power Consumption Settings added instructions on how to configure the system's power consumption settings so that track recording works correctly in background.
What else?
  • Google's payments processing library has been updated. The same donate can now be bought several times now 😉
  • Added an option, which allows you to handle GPS week number rollover (applied on Apr 6, 2019). If you're running Geo Tracker on some old device, which doesn't handle it automatically, set this value to 619315200. Option is available in the recording settings.
Use the new search bar in the track list to quickly find and select your trips. The search filters for name and description.
What else?
  • Now you can select measurement units separately for distances (kilometers, miles, nautical miles) and altitudes (meters or feet).
  • Now you can switch slopes from degrees to percentages.
  • Vertical distances calculation algorithm has been improved based on your feedback.
  • Navigation mode has been improved — bottom panels don't cover the location arrow any more.
  • When adding a new marker into the current location, information about location accuracy and it's position on the track (distance and time from the beginning) is now also automatically added to marker's description.
  • The compass is now automatically turned off if your speed is more than 3 km/h (previously it was 5 km/h).
5.0.2, Aug 2021
5.0.3, Sep. 2021
Satellite view for MapBox/OSM added the ability to switch to satellite layer when using OSM maps. Satellite data is provided by Mapbox.
What else?
  • Speeds up to 30 km/h (or 30 mph) are now displayed with more precision.
  • Added an option to hide track endpoints on the map.
  • Memory consumption has been significantly optimized, especially with a large number of opened tracks.
5.0.0, Jun. 2021
You can now switch to Open Street Maps (OSM) in Geo Tracker. OSM are much more detailed in many regions than Google or Yandex, which are also available to use in Geo Tracker. For example, sometimes you can find trails in the mountains on which a person has almost never set a foot :)
In many mountain areas you can find the elevation levels information right on the map. OSM in Geo Tracker are provided via Mapbox platform. The platform provides a very high-quality cartographic service - rendering is fast, detailed, maps are perfectly cached. The use of Mapbox services is not free, so the maps are available only to users with an active subscription.
What else?
  • Improved compatibility with Android 10 and above. If you experienced issues with background recording before - this update should help! For recording in background correctly, please allow Geo Tracker to access geolocation in Allow all the time mode. Also, many vendors (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme and others) have extra battery management settings, and it is required to disable battery optimisations for Geo Tracker in system settings. Here you can find instructions how to do it, for some most popular device manufacturers.
  • The map configuration screen has also been redesigned. Now you can quickly switch both the source of maps (Yandex, Google, OSM) and map layers (scheme, satellite, relief), where they are available.
  • You can now open up to 100 tracks. Please keep in mind that displaying a large number of tracks lead to a huge RAM and battery consumption.
  • Some more information added to the bottom status panel, like momental azimuth, precision of measurements, etc.
  • You can now switch elevation measurement baseline to Sea level. Default baseline is WGS84 ellipsoid, it is not so precise at every point of our planet. Also you can add a manual correction of the baseline. These options can be found in the record settings.
  • In case of issues with GPS, you can reset A-GPS data in your device - sometimes this helps. This option is available from record settings as well.
I have optimized the background recording. To ensure an uninterrupted tracking experience, please whitelist your phone in the recording settings.
Now, you can open tracks from any other app, such as Google Chrome, Drive, WhatsApp, etc.
For an enhanced viewing experience at night, we've added Dark mode support for Google Maps.
What else?
  • New Panel: Introducing a new panel displaying current coordinates, number of visible satellites, elevation, speed, recording status, and GPS status.
  • Yandex Maps SDK Update: We've updated the Yandex Maps SDK to the latest version, resulting in smoother performance and a more polished look. Unfortunately, Yandex no longer allows apps to use the Satellite layer. For satellite view, please use Google Maps.
  • Redesigned Marker Functionality: We've redesigned the way you work with markers, making it simpler.
  • Coordinate Display: You can now view and copy marker coordinates.
  • Real-time Distance and Direction: See the distance and direction to the selected point on the map in real-time.
  • UI Enhancements: Updated UI icons, including a new location marker on the map.
  • Tracks Storage Improvement: The tracks storage system has been completely rewritten for faster and smoother performance. Please allow some time for migration on the first launch.
  • Persistent Tracks Color Mode: The tracks color mode (speed/elevation gradient or solid) is now persisted between launches.
3.3.0, Aug. 2016
Now your can share Statistics. Many people asked and I finally added an ability to share trip statistics screenshot via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
What else?
  • Charts can now be viewed fullscreen: Simply tap on the chart and zoom to your liking.
  • Added an ability to build statistics charts based on duration: you can easily switch between length and duration right from the statistics screen.
Tracks can now be colored in different colors according to their speed or height
What else?
  • KMZ format supported
  • Translated app into Spanish, Italian and French with the help of volunteers (your support is highly appreciated!)
  • Added an option to start recording automatically on application launch
  • Added new values for settings in custom record profile
You can join the early access version here.
3.2.1, Mar 2016
4.0.0, Jul 2019
First Release of Geo Tracker in Google Play
1.0.0, Jan 2013
2.0.0, Feb. 2014
You can now add markers to your tracks. They can be visited or non-visited, and you can see statistics of how many markers you have passed on your route.
Markers can be added in two ways:
  • By using the button on the control panel. The marker is added at the current position.
  • By long press on the map. The pin can be dragged for more accurate positioning. For convenience, you can also enter coordinates.
What else?
  • Planning mode: Create empty maps and add markers to plan a route
  • Support of KML format
5.3.0, Nov. 2023
Meet the new Sync to folder feature instead of separate import and export functions. Automatic sync can be switched on from settings (requires subscription).
Pro-tip: you can utilize a third-party app like FolderSynk to sync this folder with a cloud (like Google Drive).
What else?
  • Added bin for trips, allowing you to restore accidentally removed trips. It can be opened from the trips list.
  • You can remove all selected trips with one click.
Stop markers added. Automatically mark places where you stop for a while (Beta. Enable in settings). Added display of azimuth to a point.

5.2.3, Jun 2023
Markers on chart added.
Markers are now displayed on charts, visible by the dots with dashed line.
What else?
  • Added new recording profile "Airplane", for better experience during flights
  • You can now instantly observe track point information, while dragging marker along the track line
  • More variations of coordinates input is now recognized in the search dialog
5.2.1, Apr. 2023
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